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EyeBlurMaster is an exciting new application used to improve users’ vision. Some adults and children naturally have vision problems, and others who spend hours every day on their computers and smartphones – which are short-distance visual targets – often suffer from eyestrain and worsened eyesight. Through training the eyes with quick movement cycles, EyeBlurMaster users will improve visual acuity and reduce eyestrain. In order to train users’ eyes and improve their vision, we designed a patented apparatus that keeps the retinal projection size and brightness of a visual object constant by displaying the object on a screen and adjusting its size and brightness while moving it, in fast cycles, from a near (25 cm) to a far (70 cm) point and back. This allows the user (using one or both eyes) to comfortably maintain a sharply projected retinal image of the quickly moving object during fast cycles of near and far accommodation.
Using a device based on our patent, we proved that most children that trained on EyeBlurMaster significantly improved their visual acuity with as few as 2 training sessions of 3 minutes per week (Clinical Ophthalmology 2010, 4:251-260). This Android application version of EyeBlurMaster gives you a more affordable and accessible method to improve your vision. In EyeBlurMaster, an Android device held by hand is moved by bending your arm from a far point to a near point and extending back according to the change of a target on an Android device screen. Audio alerts guide your movements of the Android device and match them with changes in target size. For a simple and effective application to enhance your eyesight, use EyeBlurMaster.